April 1998
Course Catalog For the Real World
In This School, You'll Learn What Truly Matters


There's never enough time to learn everything you need to know. That's true of life, and it's especially true of audio education. Whether it's a weekend course or a four-year undergraduate degree program, there's always more material that needs to be mastered than students have time to learn. And what with physics, math, acoustics, electronics, music theory and all the other things that the student has to deal with, practical subjects often get short shrift. Many problems the student will have to deal with on a daily basis when he or she hits the workplace are barely touched on, if at all.

I'm going to take the opportunity this month, therefore, to propose a revolutionary new syllabus for training audio professionals. In this curriculum, around which I am designing a whole new school -- named for myself, of course -- students will be able to ignore all that theoretical stuff and concentrate on what they really need to know to survive in the audio business.

So here is the first List of Offerings ("LoOf") for the Lehrman Institute for the Real-world Practice of Audio (LIRPA):

Psychology 101a. Understanding the Client, and Why He or She Hates Me. How to deal with people who would much rather be doing what you do than what they do, and who resent you for it. How to deal with people who are sure they could do your job better than you and resent you for it. How to deal with people who haven't got the faintest clue what it is you do and resent paying you for it. Advanced seminar in turning the other cheek.

The rest of this column, along with 56 more, is now available in The Insider Audio Bathroom Reader, published by Thomson Course Technology PTR.

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