June 1998

I Had Nothing to do

But I've Had A Sync-ing Saga All My Own

by Paul D. Lehrman

You know, with all the other things I do, like preaching, proselytizing, prognosticating, prevaricating and prestidigitating, I don't spend as much time actually banging on my equipment as a lot of the people--maybe most of the people--who read this magazine. And yet somehow, I seem to find things going wrong with my equipment awfully quickly and awfully frequently. I am then forced, more by anger and curiosity than by duty, to isolate and report back said things going wrong to the manufacturers of said equipment. This is both a curse and a gift. It affords me a unique relationship with the companies ("Yes, he's a pain in the butt, but he's really good at breaking our stuff, so let's keep sending him updates!"), but it can make it hard to get anything done.

On one recent post-production project, I had, for a change, few such problems. But after I was done with my part of the project and the finished program was delivered to me, I almost had a heart attack. I discovered something that was very, very broken. Fortunately, the manufacturer already knew about it. Unfortunately, they never bothered to tell anybody.

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