April 1999
What Really Happened

ILLUSTRATION: Jack Desrocher


Mcrosoft Corp. (NASDAQ=MSFT) announced today a change in the release schedule of its new operating system, Windows 2000, explaining that extra time was needed to bring it into full Y2K compliance. The release date is now expected to be second quarter 1901.

--an alleged Microsoft press release, circulating the Net

Date: April 1, 2000
From: Insider Audio Central
City: None of your business

Well, it's been quite the few months since the big year-o-metric tickover, hasn't it? Nothing happened as anyone predicted it would, at least not in the way they predicted, but a whole lot of things happened that no one expected. And our little industry wasn't unaffected, was it?

There were, of course, the great shortages and outages, as the doomsayers predicted. But the doomsayers got them right for all the wrong reasons. The technology didn't fail us: We managed to screw things up all by ourselves, just by expecting that the world was going to end.

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