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Paul D. Lehrman, PhD

One of the world's leading experts on MIDI and computer music…

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Insider Audio Bathroom Reader
57 columns from Mix magazine, plus extended versions, and columns that Mix couldn't print…and 100+ jokes!

• concert works for computers and live performers
• scores for television, film, and multimedia

• the world's first all-MIDI album (1986)

• Director of Music Engineering,Tufts University
• teacher of computer music and audio engineering at the university level since 1986
• creator of the computer music curriculum in the Sound Recording Technology program at the University of Massachusetts Lowell
• Education Director, The MIDI Association

• principal author of the standard college-level text on MIDI (in print for 20 years!)
• author of three other published books and contributor to five more
• columnist for the leading recording magazines in the US and UK
• author of over 500 articles
• author of acclaimed user manuals for music and audio hardware and software

• co-developer of the first graphic-based MIDI sequencer for the Apple Macintosh
• consultant to over a dozen music and audio hardware and software companies
• advisor to and advocate for the computer-music community since 1982

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