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Selections from When Comedy Went to School
(Catskill Productions, 2013) (6:54)

The birth of modern standup comedy in the resorts of the Catskill Mountains.
Buddy Hackett's ChaChaWe Killed the AudienceJackie Mason's JalopyBig Band BasieHollywood Hooray!

Suite from Blood & Iron: The Story of the German War Machine
(Krosney-Ross Productions, The History Channel, 1994) (6:54)
A three-part documentary on German militarism from Bismarck to Adenauer, which played on the History Channel its first week on the air.

Suite from Mars: Planet of Dreams (also aired as The Mystery of Mars)
(Set Productions, Discovery Networks, 1998) (6:40)
A fascinating look at the possibilities of life on Mars and what its discovery might mean to us on Earth. Narrated by Leonard Nimoy (RIP).
Suite from The Eternal Road: Encounter with the Past
(Frank Productions, PBS, 2000) (6:12)
Music by Kurt Weill, arranged and performed by Paul.
In the 1930s, with Hitler ascendant, composer Kurt Weill and writer Hans Werfel fled Germany and wrote an opera about the history of the Jewish Diaspora. Wildly successful on Broadway, it was not produced again for over 60 years, and the next time would be in a newly unified Germany, in a city where filmmaker Ron Frank's ancestors had once lived. Narrated by Theodore Bikel. All music produced and recorded in Paul's studio.

Suite from Only In America (Frank Productions, 2002) (6:38)
The hope and the heartbreak of the 2000 campaign following Sen. Joseph Lieberman, the first Jewish candidate for national office in United States history. Through it, we learn the history of Jews in America.
Suite from The Port Chicago Mutiny: The Real Story
(Frank Productions, Discovery Networks, 1999) (6:31)
The story of the Port Chicago explosion, the largest domestic diaster of World War II, and its backlash against the African-American sailors who were its worst victims. A story of racism and triumph. Narrated by Louis Gossett, Jr.

Miscellaneous industrial, theatrical, advertising, games, libraries, and other music all spliced together for your listening pleasure... (8:55)
      • Over the Alps (QuickTunes Multimedia Library, 1991)
      • UMass Lowell Works for Me! (MediaOne / MTV, 1997)
      • The Little Beggarman (trad. Irish) (Heart-Felt Stories, Charlestown Working Theater, 1998)
      • Crossing the Mekong (Heart-Felt Stories, 1998)
      • Cartoon Theme (QuickTunes Multimedia Library, 1991)
      • Joy Spring (Clifford Brown) (for Axe interactive music game, Harmonix Music Systems, 1996)
      • Growth Cycle (from On Stream, KPM Music Libraries, 1988)
      • I'm Going to Play the Drums! & A Daddy for Laura (Heart-Felt Stories, 1998)
      • Contrapunctus IX (J. S. Bach) (from On the Inside: Hollywood Talent Agents, Discovery Networks, 2000)
      • excerpt from I Dig A Pygmy (concert work, 1994)
      • Precious Water (Jewish National Fund, 1989)
      • A Day in the Life of a Malaria Virus (Perseptive Biosystems, 1998)
      • Jerusalem 3000 (Jerusalem Foundation, 1997)

Except as noted, all music composed and performed by Paul D. Lehrman
Published by Bearssoon Music (BMI)
No live musicians were harmed in creating these recordings

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