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Articles by Paul Lehrman 1977-present

Mix Online – Emeryville, CA

Insider Audio columnist, 9/1995–2009
Jagged Little Pill Takes the Stage, 8/2018
Power Tools: Digidesign Soft SampleCell, 3/2002
Building Your Own Website, 11/2001 (also Internet Audio magazine, Fall 2001)
Insider Meets the Fast Lane: Audio in the New Millennium (co-interview with Stephen St. Croix), 1/2000
Review: BIAS Peak Audio-Editing Software, 1/1997
Sony Direct Stream Digital–The Last Standard?, 5/1996

Sound on Sound – Cambridge, UK

NIME 2009: New Interfaces for Musical Expression (Performing Musician magazine), 1/2010
Nintendo’s Wii Remote as a MIDI Controller, 10/2008
Metal Machine Music, 1/2007
Tomorrow’s Musicians and What They’ll be Playing: Report From NIME05 , 1/2006
Uniting Music & Film: the Ballet Mecanique, 9/2002
Recreating the Ballet Mecanique in the Digital Age, part I 8/2000; part II 9/2000
Review: Kurzweil KDFX Expansion Board for K2500 Series,
Review: Prosoniq Sonicworx Artist Audio Editing Software for Macintosh, 
Review: BIAS Peak 1.6 update
, software update, 10/1997
BIAS SFX Machine, Description of sound-manipulation plug-in, 10/1997
Franking Machines, Creation of five-person/once-computer improvisational tribute to Frank Zappa, “King Frank”, 8/1997
Review: Digidesign Pro Tools 4, upgrade of digital audio system, 7/1997
Review: Intelligent Devices’ AD-1 Pro Audio Analyzer, sound-analysis software, 2/1997
Silent Running, Getting mechanical noises out of a project studio, 1/1997
Preview: Digidesign Pro Tools 4, upgrade of digital audio system, 12/1996
Review: BIAS Peak, sound-manipulation software, 9/1996
The Digital Dread Zone, Compatibility and upgrade problems, 6/1996
Review: Power Computing PC100, Macintosh clone, 3/1996
Multitrack audio on the Power Mac: a look at Digitrax, Deck, and Session, Comparative review of three native audio applications, 3/1996
Software Synthesis: The Wave of the Future?, On-board synthesis capabilities of computers, 10/1995
Blood & Iron, producing music and sound effects for a major TV documentary, 12/1994-1/1995
For the Benefit of Mr. Lennon, using the Kurzweil K2000 in a live performance piece, 12/1993
Review: Kurzweil K2000 Sampling Option, hardware upgrade, 8/1993
Orchestrating with MIDI, techniques for composition, 7-8/1993
Software Synthesis, Survey of on-board synthesis capabilities of computers, 6/1995
Review: KAT dk10, MIDI percussion controller, 6/1993
Good Enough for the Pro?, MIDI in the next decade, 1/1993
Review: Macromedia Sound Edit Pro, digital audio editing software, 11/1992
Radio Days, using MIDI for a live radio quiz show, 8/1992
Why MIDI Music Stinks (sometimes), 4/1992
Review: Digidesign Pro Tools, digital multitrack recording, editing and, mixing system, 1/1992
MIDI Myths, debunking 12 common misconceptions, 10/1991
Review: Roland SC-55 Sound Canvas, first General MIDI synthesizer, 9/1991
A Video Demo on a Home Studio Budget, making a video demo reel, 6/1991
Review: Digidesign SampleCell, sampler on a Macintosh NuBus card, 3/1991
Review: Studio Vision, MIDI sequencer with digital audio, 2/1991
Review: Digidesign Deck, digital multitrack recording, editing and, mixing system, 11/1990
My Life With MIDI Time Code, using synchronization in the MIDI studio, 1/1990
Review: Digidesign Sound Tools, digital audio editing system, 8/1989
Review: Akai MPX-820, MIDI-controlled audio mixer, 3/1987
Recording a MIDI Album at Home, creating “The Celtic Macintosh”, 9-10/1986

Electronic Musician – Emeryville, CA

The Wind Cries MIDI, 8/2017
Fauxharmonic Orchestra: The Ultimate One-Man Band, 11/2009
Making Music with Nintendo’s Wii Remote, 3/2009
Rediscovering the Ballet Mécanique
, 8/2000
Review: Digidesign Pro Tools 4
, digital audio production system, 8/1997
Getting Away From It All, silencing your computer in the studio, 2/1997
QuickTime Face-Lift, review of Apple QuickTime 2.5, 12/1996
Intelligent Devices’ AD-1 Pro Audio Analyzer, Review of sound-analysis software, 11/1996
Software Synthesis: MIDI Saviour or Flash in the RAM?, On-board synthesis capabilities of computers, 9/1995
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Plug-ins, Survey of plug-ins and add-ons for Digidesign systems, 5/1995
Historical Notes–Making a Tapeless Soundtrack, music and sound effects for “Blood & Iron”, 4/1995
Review: Jupiter Systems MDT, dynamics control plug-in, 9/1994
Review: Jupiter Systems Infinity, dynamics control software, 11/1993
Review: KAT dk10 Percussion Controller
, percussion MIDI input device, 8/1993
Generating General MIDI
, tips on creating GM scores, 10/1992
Review: Macromedia Sound Edit Pro, audio editing software, 10/1992
Tape Killers–The EM Guide to Hard-disk Recorders, 9/1992
Review: Digidesign Pro Tools, digital audio production system, 4/1992
The MIDI Trap, why MIDI music often sounds bad, 2/1992
When Worlds Collide, integrating MIDI and digital audio (with Dennis Miller), 12/1991
Decoding SMPTE, guide to SMPTE Time Code for the synthesist, 4/1991
Review: Digidesign SampleCell, sampler on a Macintosh NuBus card, 4/1991
The Computer as Musical Instrument, moving synthesis and sampling inside the computer, 3/1991
Review: Opcode StudioVision, MIDI+audio sequencing software, 2/1991
Guest Editorial: Music For Its Own Sake, music shouldn’t just serve as background to visuals, 12/1990
Review: Digidesign Deck, Four-track recording software for Macintosh, 11/1990
Vladimir Ussachevsky, 1911-1990, appreciation of life and work, 4/1990
Review: Digidesign Sound Tools, Computer-based sound editing system, 11/1989
Review: Coda Music Finale, Music-notation software, 7/1989
Review: Passport Designs’ Clicktrack, Film scoring assistant software, 5/1989
Review: JL Cooper MixMate, MIDI input device, 4/1989
Review: HB Engraver, music scoring software, 10/1988
Review: Palmtree Airdrums, motion-based MIDI input device, 6/1988
Review: Roland VP-70, pitch-to-MIDI convertor and pitch shifter, 2/1988
Review: Iota Systems Midi-Fader, MIDI-controlled level automation, 11/1987
Review: Altech MIDIBasic 2.0, programming tools, 10/1987
Tips for a Do-It-Yourself MIDI Recording Project, 5/1987
So You Want to Be a Music Software Company?, advice for developers, 11/1986

Recording Engineer/Producer – Hollywood, CA and Overland Park, KS

Hands On: Kurzweil K2000, review of sampler/synthesizer, 5/1992
Video Post & Transfer’s Dream, all-digital audio post-production suite, 1/1992
Hands On: Mark of the Unicorn Video Time Piece, review of low-cost synchronizer for SMPTE/MIDI systems, 4/1991
Hands On: Drawmer M500 Dynamics Processor, review of compressor/limiter with MIDI control, 1/1991
Looking Backward, Summing up the history of electronic music, 5/1990
Taking (Alternative) Control, non-keyboard MIDI controllers, 4/1990
Interview: Michael Stewart, product designer, 4/1990
Doctor, Doctor, problems with product support, 3/1990
Moving MIDI Into the ‘90s, future uses for MIDI, 2/1990
Making Your Voice Heard, joining the MIDI Manufacturers Association, 1/1990
87th AES: Business As Usual, convention report, 1/1990
Review: Fostex D-20, timecode DAT recorder, 1/1990
SCMS for DAT: Friend or Fraud?, ramifications of the Serial Copy Management System, 11/1989
Up from MIDI, high-speed LANs for music and audio, 10/1989
Bridge to Transporter…, using MIDI for transport control, 9/1989
Veni, Vidi(o), VITC!, using vertical timecode in the music studio, 8/1989
Time, Distance, Relativity, and Other Myths, overcoming misconceptions about MIDI, 7/1989
Software Wish List
, new programs I’d like to see, 7/1989
Hardware Wish List
, new hardware I’d like to see, 6/1989
A Stitch in Time, getting sequencers to follow live tracks, 6/1989
Automation is Alive!, using MIDI for console automation, 5/1989
Taking MIDI to Multitask, using multiple MIDI software programs simultaneously, 4/1989
Sequentially speaking, parts 1 & 2, advanced features of MIDI sequencers, 2-3/1989
Drifting and Drifting, problems with SMPTE-to-MIDI synchronization, 12/1988
Dear Santa…, wish list for future products, 11/1988
MIDI Control of Effects: One Designer’s Viewpoint, designing the AKG ADR 68K, 11/1988
Gently Down the Stream, dealing with MIDI bandwidth problems, 10/1988
A MIDI Primer, concepts for the MIDI beginner, 9/1988
Q&A, common questions about MIDI, 7/1988
MIDI Is Coming of Age, look back at the first five years of MIDI, 7/1988
Target Productions, Boston, MA, profile of Synclavier-based post-production facility, 6/1988
Unclogging the Sync, MIDI Time Code, 6/1988
Who Owns MIDI?, cooperation is necessary to make MIDI work, 5/1988
Re-establishing originality, the trap of pre-programmed sounds, 4/1988
Making MIDI More Human, using music notation to display MIDI data, 3/1988
Digital Storage Technology, profile of Technetronics, CD manufacturing plant, 3/1988
Now Computers Owe Us Something, improving user interfaces, 2/1988
Windmill Lane Studio, Dublin, Ireland, recording studio profile, 2/1988
More Answers to MIDI, common questions about MIDI, 1/1988
Keeping out of MIDI Hell, 12/1987
Yamaha DMP-7, review of all-digital MIDI-controlled mixer, 12/1987
When is a Standard Not a Standard?, the need for a standard MIDI file format, 11/1987
Manufacturers’ Reaction to MIDI Time Code, mixed response among the audio community, 11/1987
The Future of MIDI Time Code, proposed addition to the MIDI specification, 10/1987
Timing is Everything, use and misuse of timing correction in sequencers, 10/1987
Digital Overdubs by Satellite, live transcontinental overdub session featuring Stevie Wonder and Nile Rodgers, 10/1987
NAMM Summer Expo Replay, convention report, 9/1987
MIDI Questions, common myths and misconceptions, 9/1987
Making MIDI Faster, overcoming bandwidth problems, 7/1987
The Future of Electronic Music Production, predictions for five and ten years in the future, 7/1987
Akai MPX-820, MIDI-controlled audio mixer, 5/1987
Programming with MIDI BASIC, easy-to-use toolbox for creating MIDI software, 5/1987
Dealing with Defective Software, problems with the high-tech products of small companies, 4/1987
NAMM Winter Market Replay, convention report, 3/1987
Managing Mono Mode, using Mode 4 with synthesizers, 3/1987
An Electronic Music Case Study, creating “The Celtic Macintosh”, 3/1987
Dealing with MIDI Delays, 2/1987
Equipping an Electronic Music Production Facility, guide for studio owners, 1/1987
Who Owns the Sounds?, copyright and ownership issues in the digital age, 1/1987
Humanizing the Machine, introducing more physicality in MIDI music-making, 12/1986
Secrets of Synch, old and new ways to synchronize tape decks and sequencers, 10/1986
The Future of MIDI Studio Automation
, new tools for “total control”, 8/1986
Inaugural column “Managing MIDI”: The Future of the Studio, how current studios can adapt to MIDI, 6/1986
Recording and Production Techniques for the Boston Symphony Orchestra, radio, television, and recordings, 2/1986
High Quality Sound System for Sullivan Stadium, live sound and broadcast systems for outdoor football stadium, 4/1984
Third Coast Audio–Texas Styke, profiles of Omega Audio, Video Post & Transfer, Dallas Sound Labs, 4/1984
Guide to Computer-Controlled Synthesizers, guide for recording studio owners, 12/1983
High Quality Audio for Video Post Production, profile of Bob Liftin and Regent Sound Studios, New York, 10/1983
School for Audio Arts at the Center for Media Arts, New York, profile and interview with director Harry Hirsch, 10/1983
Multitrack Analog and Digital Sound for EPCOT Center, installations at theme park, 10/1983
The Who’s North American Farewell Concert, audio and video distribution for worldwide audience, 6/1983
Manufacturing Magnetic Tape, tour of BASF’s Massachusetts factory, 4/1983
Digital Mastering and Editing in the Real World, JVC system in use at Masterfonics, Nashville, 12/1982
Live End/Dead End Acoustics, practical experience at Normandy Sound, Warren, RI, 6/1982
The King Biscuit Flower Hour, recording and producing for broadcast syndication, 10/1981
The World of Demo Recording, profile of Boston’s demo recording scene, 4/1981
High Quality Audio for Video Production, profile of Broadway Video, New York (in Audio Production for Broadcast supplement), 3/1983
GBH Mobile Unit 4, design and operation of mobile high-quality broadcast facility (in Audio Production for Broadcast), 3/1983
The Grand Ole Opry Broadcast Production Complex (in Audio Production for Broadcast), 9/1982

Studio Sound – Croydon, Surrey, UK

NAMM in 1993, convention report, 3/1993
NAMM show report, 4/1991
NAMM in 1991, convention report, 3/1991
Report from the Winter NAMM meeting, 4/1990
Highlights from NAMM, convention report, 4/1989
A New Approach, computerized sound reinforcement system at Hult Center, Eugene, Oregon, 7/1987
FM Grows Up, review of Yamaha TX81Z and FB01 synthesizers, 7/1987
Ensoniq, profile of synthesizer manufacturer, 4/1987
Musical instruments at NAMM, convention report, 4/1987
MIDI City: Unique Recording, First all-MIDI professional studio in New York City, 4/1986
International Computer Music Conference, Paris, conference report, 5/1985
An American in London, a tour of the London studio scene, 4/1985
Multitalented ASP, Lucasfilm’s digital audio editing and processing system, 2/1985
The Meaning of MIDI, report from Chicago NAMM convention, 10/1984
Multichannel Audio Production for Television, report from Las Vegas NAB convention, 9/1984
Back to Basics, Computer software for studio management and cataloguing, 7/1984
Bear Creek Studio, Woodinville, WA, 5/1984
Notebender–The Ultimate Keyboard?, Alternative keyboard for electronic instruments, 5/1984
Digital Recording for $239!, Decillionix DX-1 A-to-D card for Apple I computers, 5/1984
Little Mountain Sound Studios, Vancouver, BC, 4/1984
Digicon ‘83, Digital arts conference in Vancouver, BC, 2/1984
Technisonic Studios,St. Louis, MO, 10/1983
Starr Recording,Philadelphia, PA, 9/1983
The alphaSyntauri Digital Synthesizer, Synthesis and sequencing system on an Apple II computer, 9/1983
Sear Sound, New York City, 7/1983
Alpha Audio, Richmond, Virginia, 5/1983
Streeterville Studios, Chicago, 3/1983
Ground Star Laboratories, Nasvhille, 1/1983
Gerim Recording Studio, Chicago, 11/1982
Nimbus 9/Soundstage, Toronto, 11/1982
Eastern Sound, Toronto, 10/1982
Ambience Recordings, Farmington Hills, Michigan, 9/1982
A Tour of Canada’s Wonderland, 7/1982
Hedden West Studios, Schaumberg, Illinois, 5/1982
Live Mobile: Starfleet Blair Does it on the Road, 4/1982
A-Square Studios, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 3/1982
KBK/Earth City Sound, St. Louis, Missouri, 3/1982
The Chicago Recording Company, Chicago, 2/1982
Kingdom Sound Studios, Syosset, NY, 1/1982
Intermedia Sound Becomes Syncro Sound, Boston, 10/1981
White Oak Design, audio and visuals for historical exhibits (with Jane Scobie), 9/1981
Blue Jay Recording Studio, Carlisle, Massachusetts, 5/1981
Agony: Dolby cards unclassified and Never rely on the weather, Two stories of the Caribbean, 9/1980
Agony: Recording a Steel Band, 3/1980

MacUser – Foster City, CA

Catch A Wave, digital audio on the Macintosh (with Tim Tully), 10/1991
Review: Digidesign SampleCell, sampler on a Macintosh NuBus card, 7/1991
Cutting and Pasting Sound, digital tools for audio editing, 4/1990
Doing High-Quality Sound on the Mac, review of Sound Tools, using Digidesign audio cards with other applications, 3/1990
Review: Coda Music Finale, music-notation software, 8/1989
The Write Staff, second-generation music notation software for Macintosh, 10/1988
The Well-Tempered Synclavier, Macintosh front-end software for workstation, 10/1988
Scroll Over Beethoven, attempting to publish a songbook using existing Macintosh tools, 7/1988
Review: Electronic Arts Deluxe Music Construction Set 2.0, music software for Macintosh, 7/1988
Itty Bitty MIDI, Apple’s MIDI Interface and its implications, 6/1988
Review: Intelligent Music UpBeat, rhythm programming software, 5/1988
Musical Protection, copy-protection issues for music software, 1/1988
Review: Great Wave Concert Ware 4.0 + MIDI, music software for Macintosh, 12/1987
Review: Passport Designs Master Tracks Pro, software sequencer for Macintosh, 12/1987
Review: Intelligent Music M and Jam Factory, algorithmic composition software, 10/1987
Music for the Masses, Altech MIDIBasic MIDI programming tool, 8/1987

Keyboard – Cupertino/San Mateo, CA

MIDI Myths, debunking 12 common misconceptions, 11/1991
Passport Designs’ Pro 4 Power Tips, Advanced features of sequencing software, 9/1991
Guest Editorial: Eliminate Humans Completely, the dangers of automatic composition software, 7/1991
The Flying Karamazov Brothers: the Marx Brothers of MIDI, using MIDI in a high-tech juggling act, 3/1991
Electronic Music Buyer’s Guide, compiled listings and supervised interns, 12/1990
MIDI Time Code, defining it and its applications for film scoring, 3/1990
Software for Soundtracks, programs to aid the film composer, 3/1990
How to Find the Right Video Deck for Home Studio Soundtrack Work, 6/1989
Laurie Spiegel, esthetic engineer, composer and software designer, 11/1986
Synthesizers in the Pit, Michael Starobin uses electronics in Broadway shows, 11/1986
Michael Waisvisz Hands it to Himself, unusual custom controllers from STEIM, Holland, 8/1986
IRCAM, report on Paris research center, 7/1985

Piano & Keyboard (formerly Piano Quarterly  – San Anselmo, CA

NAMM: the Annual Anaheim Follies, Report from 1995 Winter convention of the National Association of Music Merchants, 3/1995
Recording at Home, How to set up your own recording/production studio, 1/1995
Smart Keyboard Tricks, Useful things that modern electronic keyboards can do, 11/1994
“Intelligent” keyboards: Are they smart?, Comparison of Technics SX-KN2000 and Korg i3 keyboards., 9/1994
Yamaha VL-1 “Virtual Acoustic” synthesizer, 7/1994
Musical Madness Takes to the Information Superhighway, Copyright issues raised by the Compuserve lawsuit, 5/1994
RIP Frank Zappa, 5/1994
How Not to Let Music Technology Make You Obsolete (Old and Young Musicians Can Learn New Tricks), Careers in new areas of music technology, 3/1994
The One-Shot Guide to Buying a Digital Piano, 1/1994
Machinery vs. Expressivity: Can a Computer Emote? parts 1 & 2, How to get expression into MIDI compositions, 9-11/1993
General MIDI Marches In, What General MIDI means to composers and teachers, 7/1993
Synthesis, Sampling, and the Kurzweil K2000, New tools mean old barriers between “concrete” and “synthesized” music have fallen, 5/1993
Computers in Music Education, Software tools for music teachers, 3/1993
MIDI At Ten: A Primer for the ’90s, State of the art of MIDI at its 10th anniversary., 1/1993

AudioMedia  – Cambridge, UK

Jobs From Hell, really bad career choices, 6/1997
A Tale of Two Countries, correspondences with a lazy American and an enterprising Russian, 11/1996
Keeping It Personal, pitfalls of taking a personal studio public, 10/1996
TDM, Plug-ins, and Add-Ons: The Digidesign Universe, Survey of plug-ins and add-ons for Digidesign systems, 5/1995
MIDI Console Automation, 10/1993
Review: Digidesign Pro Tools, digital audio production system, 12/1991
Video Post & Transfer’s Dream, all-digital audio post-production suite, 3/1991
Review: Opcode StudioVision, MIDI+audio sequencing software, 1/1991
Audio Post Production at Editel Boston, using MIDI for music and sound design, 10/1990
Review: Digidesign Deck, Four-track recording software for Macintosh, 9/1990
Computer Tools for Film Sound, software overview, 6/1990

NewMedia  – Foster City, CA

Multitrack audio on the Power Mac: a look at Opcode Digitrax, OSC Deck, and Digidesign Session, Comparative reviews, 1/29/1996
MIDI Synthesis Goes Soft, On-board synthesis capabilities of computers, 8/1995
Review: Macromedia SoundEdit 16 and Opcode AudioShop 2.0, audio editing programs, 5/1995
What’s a QuickTime-compatible CD-ROM Drive?, 5/1995
Audio Transfer Dilemma, extracting audio from CDs using QuickTime, 1/1995
The Fat Man Does Multimedia Music, profile of Texas composer, 12/1994

EQ Mag  – New York, NY

General MIDI: Ally or Enemy?, what General MIDI means to musicians and engineers, 6/1993
Review: WC Music Research DNA Groove Templates, rhythmic templates for MIDI sequencers, 6/1993
Review: Mackie CR-1604, mixing console, 4/1992
Keeping Afloat With Sync, synchronization issues when combining MIDI and digital audio, 2/1992
Review: JL Cooper CS-1 Control Station, external controller for computer production systems, 12/1991
Review: E-Mu Proteus(es), sample-playback MIDI modules, 6/1991
Window of Opportunity, using window burn in audio for video projects, 4/1991
The Five-Day Demo, making a video demo reel at home, 2/1991
Audio at Your Desktop, comparing RAM-based audio with hard-disk and MIDI, 12/1990
Audio For Multimedia, choices in production formats, 12/1990

The Boston Phoenix  – Boston, MA

In Harmony with the Homeless, record review, 11/1995
John Forster (Entering Marion), record review, 5/1994
Andy M. Stewart and Manus Lunny (At It Again), 12/1990
Zero (Nothin’ Goes Here, Here Goes Nothin’); The Youngbloods (Elephant Mountain), record reviews, 8/1990
Free, Frank, and a Real Mother, Frank Zappa collection released on CD, 7/1990
Christy Moore – Irish balladeer, 1/1990
Windham Hill’s Legacy Tour, concert of new folk music on “new age” label, 11/1989
Old Folk’s Home, 20th anniversary of Cambridge folk club Passim, 10/1989
Making The Andy M. Stewart Songbook, music publishing with existing Macintosh tools, 5/1988
CD Reviews: New Jersey Percussion Ensemble/Des Roches (Varè se, Colgrass, Cowell, Saperstein, Wuorinen);David Torn (Cloud About Mercury); John McLaughlin (My Goal’s Beyond), 11/1987
NAMM Summer Expo Replay, convention report, 9/2/1987
CD Reviews: New Computer Music (Barlow/Dashow/Kaske/Lansky/Roads/Waisvisz); Larry Fast (Metropolitan Suite); Wendy Carlos (Beauty in the Beast); Suzanne Ciani (The Velocity of Love); Artie Traum (Cayenne), 8/1987
CD Reviews: Frank Zappa (We’re Only In It For The Money/Lumpy Gravy, Shut Up ‘n’ Play Yer Guitar); Teresa Stratas Sings Weill; Scott Cossu (Reunion); Denny Zeitlin (Homecoming), 1/1987
CD Reviews: George Crumb (A Little Suite for Christmas, Madrigals Book I-IV, Music for a Summer Evening); Wernick (Sonata for Piano); Rounder Folk; New Acoustic Music; Western Wind (An Old Fashioned Christmas); Royal College of Music (Carols for Christmas, vols. 1 and 2), 11/1986
NAMM Music, convention report, 9/30/1986
CD Reviews: Teresa Stratas (The Unknown Kurt Weill); Richard Stoltzman (Begin Sweet World); Miles Davis (Kind of Blue); Bill Evans (Conversations With Myself), 8/1986
CD Reviews: Mark Isham (Vapor Drawings); Will Ackerman (Passage); Bruce Springsteen (The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle); Ananda (Amazonia); Elvis Presley (Elvis, Elvis Presley, 50,000,00 Elvis Fans Can’t Be Wrong), 4/1986
My Soul for a New Machine: Confessions of a Video Junkie, 3/6/1985
An American in London, a tour of the London studio scene, 2/19/1985
Audiophile Disc Reviews: Wendy Carlos (Digital Moonscapes); Michael McNabb (Dreamsong, Orbital View, Love in the Asylum); Rolling Stones (11-disc collection); Beatles (Rubber Soul); Oregon; Linda Ronstadt (What’s New); Frank Zappa (The Perfect Stranger); The Police (Synchronicity); Joan Baez (Ballad Book);, 12/11/1984
Chip Trills, report on the International Computer Music Conference, Paris, 12/11/1984
Playing With Digits, report from Summer NAMM convention, 10/19/1984
Audiophile Disc Reviews: Todd (Voicemask, Emergence); Schrader (Trinity); Cleveland Orchestra (Beethoven/Schubert ); Count Basie (Plays Hefti); Oskay and ODomnhaill (Nightnoise); Peter Serkin (Beethoven/Schubert);, 9/23/1984
Audiophile Disc Reviews: Yo-Yo Ma (Bach); Rudolf Serkin/Boston Symphony (Beethoven); Alex deGrassi (Southern Exposure); Rennaissance (Scheherezade);, 5/22/1984
Audiophile Disc Reviews: Mark Isham (Vapor Drawings); Led Zeppelin (II); Yes (Close to the Edge); William Ackerman (Past Light); Donald Fagen (The Nightfly), 3/14/1984
Up and Down the Dial, guide to Boston radio, 12/13/1983
Changing Keys, eight high-end synthesizers, 11/15/1983
Audiophile Disc Reviews: Gesualdo (Madrigals); Berg (Lyric Suite); Codona (3); Joe Jackson (Night and Day), 9/6/1983
Reel Time, uses of SMPTE timecode, 8/23/1983
Audiophile Disc Reviews: Omnidisc (Telarc test disc); Vince Guaraldi (Black Orpheus); Oregon (Distant Hills); Crosby Stills & Nash; Andre Watts (Live In Tokyo); cassettes from Sine Qua Non, 5/24/1983
Come to Data, deregulation FM SCAs, 5/24/1983
Head Games, educational computer games, 5/10/1983
Words From the Wise, computer consultants for hire, 5/10/1983
On the Line, a telecomputing tour of Boston, 2/15/1983
The Greenberging of Nelson County: A New Yorker’s First Decade in Rural Virginia, 11/30/1982
Wired for Sounds, alphaSyntauri computer music system, 11/9/1982
In Both Ears, competing technologies for AM stereo, 10/5/1982
Fighting For The Right to Copy, copyright law and the blank tape tax, 9/7/1982
Pro Products ‘82, new audio products, 8/17/1982
Living Strings, guitars with active electronics, 8/17/1982
Fair Wares, report on the Knoxville World’s Fair, 7/27/1982
A Coney Island of a Kind, running an amusement park, 6/22/1982
Turn On, Tune In, audiophile’s guide to personal stereos, 6/1/1982
All Sales Are Final, Advent Corporation bankruptcy auction, 5/25/1982
Soft Touches, survey of personal computer software, 5/11/1982
Live and On Location, mobile recording studios in New England, 3/23/1982
Book reviews: The Musician’s Guide to Independent Record Production; Modern Recording Techniques; How to Make and Sell Your Own Record; Studio Recording for Musicians, 3/23/1982
Home Robots, current state of domestic robotics, 2/23/1982
Up and Down the Dial, guide to Boston radio, 2/16/1982
The Ever-Popular Cassette Deck, tape decks as Christmas presents, 12/15/1981
LPTV: The People’s Video?, 11/17/1981
Computer Mating: Machines that Play Chess, mainframes and pocket models, 11/3/1981
Schwann Records Them All, behind the scenes at the Schwann catalog, 9/15/1981
Serkin at Symphony Hall, recording Beethoven concertos for Telarc, 9/15/1981
At Your Fingertips, new electronic keyboards, 8/11/1981
And Now for Something Completely Different, an unusual summer camp, 8/11/1981
Guide to Local Music Services, 6/9/1981
Cars Parked on Newbury Street, band buys Syncro Sound studio, 4/7/1981
Tool of the Trade, New England Electronics Exchange, used-equipment broker, 3/17/1981
Life In Demo City, advice from three local producers, 2/17/1981
Forecast 81: Consumer Electronics, 1/20/1981
Hi-Fi Stocking Stuffers, 12/16/1980
Hymn For The Majority: A Christmas Carol for the ‘80s, 12/16/1980
In Winner’s Circle, report on AES convention, 11/18/1980
Shooting Blanks, conflicts over home taping, 9/199/1980
Taping On Location, recording an early-music ensemble in a cathedral, 6/3/1980
Recording Tape: How it Works, 5/13/1980
Ground Control to Major Networks, owning a satellite dish, 5/13/1980
Add-Ons to Your Telephone, 5/13/1980
Sticker Business, automobile inspections in Massachusetts, 4/15/1980
Guide To Boston Bands, project director for 12 issues of directory comprising over 1500 listings of music groups in New England, 1979-1983
The New Multi-Featured Cassette Decks, 3/11/1980
Tracks Through the Years, history of recording tape formats, 3/11/1980
Relocating the Catalyst, two auto fuel-saving devices, 2/19/1980
The $5000 Demo, producing an album on a budget, 2/12/1980
Gift Suggestions for Slightly More Than $10,000, 12/11/1979
On The Wrong Tracks, bogus blank cassettes finding their way to retail channels, 11/13/1979
Hi-Fi Nostalgia, state of the art 20 years ago, 11/13/1979
All Night Long at the Old West Church, first digital recording sessions in Boston, 11/13/1979
Time Is Money, maximizing time in the recording studio, 10/23/1979
Stop Thieves, a state-of-the-art auto security system, 10/2/1979
Those Pesky FM Converters: Threat or Menace?, car radio accessories, 9/4/1979
At Last, Pay TV Just Might Pay Off, subscription television station on Boston, 9/4/1979
Guide to New England Recording Studios, project director for six issues of directory comprising detailed listings of studios and other professional musical services, 1979-1983
Oregon’s Trails, in the studio with world-jazz group, 5/22/1979
Hark the Herald Voices, guide to local Christmas music, 12/12/1978
Surrounded By Cable TV, why Boston is unwired, 12/5/1978
In Search of the Well-Modulated Signal, guide to Boston FM radio programming and engineering, 11/7/1978
Stage Might, guide to sound reinforcement, 10/24/1978
Hi-Fi’s Longest-Running Newcomers, Dennesen electrostatic speakers, 10/3/1978
The Solid State Generation, Lyricon, Arp Avatar, and Chapman Stick, 7/18/1978
Historical Notes at the MFA, Museum of Fine Arts musical instrument collection, 7/18/1978
You Turn Me On, I’m a Radio, AM radio from Boston to New York, 6/20/1978
The Long Hard Climb, how to market your music, 5/16/1978
Home-made Music, creating musique concrète at home, 5/9/1978
Rolling Your Own, making your own cassette tapes, 5/9/1978

The Boston Globe Magazine  – Boston, MA

A Lehrman Centennial, family reunion in the Catskills, 11/30/1986
Camp Unconventional: A Different Summer, Thoreau-in-Vermont, a summer camp that places cooperation and human values first, 8/19/1984
This is the Lehrer That Was, profile of songwriter Tom Lehrer, 1/1/1984
New Art Forms, Digicon ’83 conference in Vancouver, BC, (Sci-Tech) 4/16/1984

Broadcast Sound  – Croydon, Surrey, UK

Report on the Convention of the National Association of Broadcasters, 9/1984
SCA Deregulation, New rules offer opportunity and potential pitfalls for broadcasters, 11/1983
The Debate Over AM Stereo, competing formats imperil the future, 7/1983
Public Radio in the USA: Pacifica Radio, Washington, DC, 4/1983
National Public Radio, Production and distribution for a national network, 11/1982
CKLW, Windsor, Ontario, State of the art AM station, 11/1982

Broadcaster  – Toronto, Ont., Canada

Interview: David Ives, WGBH, Boston, 7/1983
AM Stereo in the US, 2/1983
Low Power Television in the US, 9/1982

Computer Music Journal  – Cambridge, MA

Thomas B. Holmes: Electronic and Experimental Music, book review, 9/1986
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Boston Musica Viva, concert review, 6/1985
George Todd and Barry Schrader, record review, 3/1985
Digicon ’83, conference report (with Julie White) and cover photograph, 6/1984

Dealerscope  – Waltham, MA

Telecomputing for Home Computers, guide to on-line services, 1/1983
Audio’s Reducing Fad, noise-reduction for consumer audio, 6/1982
Low Power TV: New Market or Fantasy?, 1/1982
Is Audio’s Bubble About to Burst?, economic trends in consumer audio, 10/1979
Counterfeit Cassettes, bogus blank cassettes finding their way to retail channels, 10/1979

Digital Retailing  – Waltham, MA

Computer Phobia, overcoming resistance to computers at the retail level, 4/1983
Future Games, trends in software for children, 3/1983
Networking the Information Services, telecomputing trends, 2/1983

High Fidelity  – New York, NY

Say Hello to SID, music capabilities of Commodore 64 computer, 3/1984
Digicon ‘83, Digital arts conference in Vancouver, BC, 11/1983
The Apple and the Alpha, alphaSyntauri computer-music system, 10/1983

High Technology  – Boston, MA

Lucasfilm Audio Signal Processor, 12/1984
FM Radio Deregulation Opens New Markets, new uses for SCA subcarriers, 6/1984

Keynote  – New York, NY

Record review: Ives, Piano Sonata No. 2, 12/1977
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Record review: Music for Clarinet and Piano (Martino, Reynolds, Webster, Talma); Other Voices (Wilson, Smit, Blank), 7/1977
Record review: Electronic Pioneers (Arel, Davidovsky, Gaburo, Ussachevsky); International Electronic Music (Melby, Perrera, Grippe, Johnson), 6/1977

Millimeter  – New York, NY

A MIDI Saga, Scoring and sound effects for A&E’s “Blood & Iron”, 9/1995
MIDI In the Multimedia Age, Book excerpt, 1/1994
Listen Up!, High-end mixing rooms in three video facilities, 9/1990

Music & Sound Output   – Westbury, NY

Interview: David Kershenbaum, 8/1981
Interview: Michael Kamen, 6/1981
Interview: Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards, 2/1981

Musician Player & Listener   – New York, NY

Review: dbx 610 Automatic Equalizer, 1/1983
Interview: Will Ackerman, founder of Windham Hill Records, 10/1982
Review: Fostex A-8, 1/4-inch 8-track tape deck, 7/1982

ProSound News   – New York, NY

Software Synthesis: A New Standard for Multimedia?, 1/1995
Studios Controlling Gear via MMC, 6/1994
MIDI Console Automation–Not Just for the Project Studio, 9/1993
MIDI Machine Control Asserts Itself as an Active Production Force, 9/1993
Review: Mackie CR-1604, mixing console, (Recording & Sound Buyer’s Special) 1/1993

Roland Users Group   – Los Angeles, CA

Music for Multimedia, opportunities for composers, 9/1990
Mixers for the Working Musician, guide to mixers, 2/1990

Soundwaves (Newsletter of the Boston Computer Society Music SIG)  – Boston, MA

MIDI Automation, Parts 1 & 2, using MIDI for studio automation, 9-11/1990
Where’s the “Multi” in Multimedia?, audio takes a back seat in new presentation technologies, 7/1990
Blaming the Machines, using computers is no excuse to make bad music, 5/1990

Studio Software Report  – New York, NY

MIDI: Tough Enough for the Pros?, realities and potential in sync and automation, 6/1992
Roland S-770 Sampler, features and operation, 9/1990

Technology Illustrated  – Boston, MA

The War Over Public-Access Television, 3/1983
Cellular Radio Telephones: How It Works, 3/1983
Stereo: The Last Hope for AM?, 12/1982
Videodiscs, the future of competing formats, 10/1982
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TVB Europe  – MIDI Meets the Broadcaster, 10/1993

Wired – New York, NY