Over 30 years of teaching audio engineering and music technology

Tufts University, Medford, MA – Director, program in Music Engineering • Lecturer in Music • Adjunct Professor in Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering, 2000-present

Responsible for computer and music technology in the new Granoff Music Center, opened January 2007.

Designed and built lab for building and testing electronic and acoustic musical instruments.

Designed and built iMac-based music/multimedia lab with 12 student stations.

In charge of audio and video presentation and production systems for Distler Recital Hall and Fisher Performance Space. Over 200 events per year. Guest artists have included Paul Simon, Audra McDonald, Carolina Chocolate Drops, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Joshua Bell, Mandy Patinkin, Bernadette Peters, McCoy Tyner, Dawn Upshaw, The Providence Quartet, John Pizzarelli, Gilbert Kalish, Stephen Sondheim, Boston Modern Orchestra Project, Boston Symphony Chamber Players, and many more.

Supervise 10-student Music Events Technical Staff (METS).

Supervised research projects sponsored by Steinway & Sons, Avedis Zildjian Company, QRS Music, and National Science Foundation.

Occasional bassoonist with the Tufts Symphony Orchestra and Tufts Wind Ensemble.

Developed and teach courses in:

Music Recording and Production, in conjunction with the Electrical and Computer Engineering department, and co-taught with Tom Bates.

Computer Tools for Musicians.

Electronic Musical Instrument Design, in conjunction with the Mechanical Engineering Department.

Music Apps for the iPad, in conjunction with the Computer Science Department.

Electronic Music Ensemble.

Music for Multimedia I & II, in joint Multimedia Arts program created by music, computer science/electrical engineering, art and art history, and drama departments.

Brown University, Providence, RI – Visiting Artist, program in Multimedia and Electronic Music Experiments

Advised students in Musical Instrument Design course, 2017.

University of Massachusetts Lowell – Lecturer in Sound Recording Technology, 1987-1999

Created and taught the following courses:

Sound Synthesis I — Lecture course with studio time. Musique concrète, analog synthesis, digital synthesis, sampling, history of electronic music, introduction to MIDI. ARP, Electrocomp, alphaSyntauri, Linn, Yamaha, E-Mu synthesizers and samplers.

Sound Synthesis II — Studio course. MIDI sequencing, sampling, sound design, synchronization with SMPTE and MTC, processing and mixing automation, General MIDI. Passport Designs Master Tracks Pro, Opcode Galaxy+Editors, BIAS Peak. Yamaha, Kurzweil, Roland, Ensoniq, E-Mu synthesizers and samplers; Lexicon, AKG, Ensoniq, Yamaha signal processors and mixers.

Computer Applications in Music — Studio. Advanced sequencing, hard disk recording, algorithmic composition, MIDI Machine control, advanced sound design, QuickTime integration, synchronization with VITC, multimedia applications. Joint projects with students in “Advanced Art with the Computer”. Opcode StudioVision Pro, Digidesign Sound Designer and TurboSynth, Passport Designs Alchemy, Intelligent Music M.

Directed Studies In Computer Applications — Studio. Hard disk recording and editing, non-linear video editing, advanced integration. Digidesign Pro Tools, Waves plug-ins, Avid Audiovision.

History of Computer Music —Lecture. Analog, digital, and hybrid synthesis systems; MUSIC I-V and MUSIC 360; algorithms for waveform generation and signal processing; survey of recorded literature.

Audio for Multimedia — Studio. Recording, editing, and processing audio, synchronizing with animation presentation software. Macromedia Sound Edit 16, Adobe Premiere, Macromedia Director (continuing education, taught by contractor).

Scoring for Film and Video with MIDI — Studio. Composing, sequencing, synchronization with SMPTE and MTC. Passport Designs Master Tracks Pro (continuing education, in conjunction with Boston Film/Video Foundation, pending).

Introduction to MIDI and Computer Music — Lecture. For high school students in ÒSummer Band CampÓ program.

Other duties:

Arranged donations of software and hardware for three computer-based production studios. Total donations valued at approximately $245,000.
Supervised maintenance and upgrade of three studios.

Consulted on design of computerized theory laboratory.

Produced concerts of student multimedia projects.

Co-ordinated student Beta-testing of software and hardware products from Kurzweil Music Systems, Passport Designs, Lexicon, Opcode, Invision Interactive, and Cakewalk Music Systems.

Arranged (and wrote) media coverage of program in professional, corporate, and general-audience periodicals.

Created all printed promotional materials for program, supervised and edited student-created World Wide Web site.

Served on Sound Recording Technology faculty search committee (three terms).

Assisted students with internship and job placement.

Associate Director for Development, Center for Recording Arts, Technology & Industry, 1993-1998.

Created, implemented, and raised funds for projects including:

Signal2Noise, the online journal of research and opinion for the professional audio industry. Non-commercial World Wide Web site featuring articles, discussion groups, databases, links and other resources for audio professionals.

Digidesign Pro School, first teaching facility for Pro Tools users in New England. Designed facility, supervised faculty, co-ordinated with Office of Continuing Education, created and distributed marketing and promotional materials, supervised marketing.

General MIDI Usage Survey and Authoring Guidelines, project funded by the MIDI Manufacturers Association (MMA). Designed, distributed, and tabulated survey on practices of manufacturers, programmers, and composers regarding use of General MIDI instruments and scores. Prepared report and wrote recommendations. Results are available from the MMA.

Participated in other Center projects:

Recording Industry Environmental Task Force (RIETF), assisted task force co-ordinator with conference planning and scheduling, and press relations; co-ordinated creation of World Wide Web site, acquisition of artwork, and preparation of printed materials.

New England Audio Industry Conference, assisted with recruiting and administration of independent conference for audio professionals.

Audio Engineering Society conventions, supervised participation and display at AES conventions promoting Center, undergraduate and graduate programs, and RIETF. Designing booth, preparing printed materials, transportation and scheduling.

Audio Workshop School of Sound, Cambridge, MA – Guest lecturer 1986-1991.

Created two-day lecture course in MIDI studio applications and synchronization.

American Women Composers/New England Piano Teachers Association, Cambridge, MA – Lecturer, 1988.

Created ten-week lecture course in computer applications in music.

Manhattan School of Music, New York City – Guest lecturer, 1978.

Lecture/recitals (with Paul Price) on music of Edgard Varèse.