A selection of musical works

From Quicktunes to concert works to theatre

Over the Alps (QuickTunes General MIDI Multimedia Library)

The Little Beggarman (trad. Irish) (Heart-Felt Stories, Charlestown Working Theater)

Crossing the River (Heart-Felt Stories) 

Cartoon Theme (QuickTunes)

Joy Spring (Clifford Brown) (for Axe interactive music game, Harmonix Music Systems)

Growth Cycle (from On Stream, KPM Music Libraries)

I’m Going to Play the Drums! and A Daddy for Laura (Heart-Felt Stories)

Contrapunctus IX (J. S. Bach) (from On the Inside: Hollywood Talent Agents, Discovery Networks)

Excerpt from Ballet mécanique (concert work by George Antheil, realized by Paul)

Precious Water (Jewish National Fund) 

A Day in the Life of a Malaria Virus (Perseptive Biosystems) 

Jerusalem 3000 (Jerusalem Foundation)

Music by Sandhi Priyasmoro from the Noun Project